Mei 13, 2008

CHOOSE THE BEST ANSWER BY CROOSSING : A, B, C, OR D! 1 .The notice is below is put on yhe wall of SMP Taruna what does it mean?

A. Student may not have rubbish in the school
B. Student should throw the rubbish in the dustbin
C. The rubbish in the dustbin must be thrown away everyday
D. Student can throw the rubbish everywhere.

2.The caution means we …
A.Are allowed to walk on the floor
B.Are forbidden to walk on the floor
C.May work on the floor
D.Must walk on the floor

3 .Where would you find such kind of the caution?

A.Recreation park
B. Supermarket
C.Parking Area

Read the text and answer the question for no 4-6
You are invited to Rina’s birthday
Date : January 26th 2008
Time : 7pm
Place : Jl.Tb Simatupang 60
Direction : Take the no 53 bus turn the corner of TB Simatupang street and Tengah street and we are,the first house on the left. Please come on time this is a surprise party
Please confirm Joshua 894 1-4548

4.The party will be held
A.On the bus
B.On the street
C.In Rina’s house
D.at the corner of the house

5.”Please come on time” The word “come” nearly means …

6.The purpose of the text is …
A,To invite someone to a birthday party
B.To give a special birthday present
C.To show the way how to get Rina’s house
D.To contact Joshua

7. The graph tells us about ….
A.indoor children activities
B.outdoor children activities
C.characteristic of games
D.games for children

Question 8-10 are based on the following text.

The biggest Buddisht temple in the world as “a masterpiece” work of art among the seven wonders of the world which is situated at Borobudur village, Borobudur sun district, Magelang regency,central Java around 3 km from kota Mungkit or 40 km from Yogyakarta to northwest ward. This temple complex was built by King Samaratungga of Syailendra Dynasty in the 8th century.This temple,at present has been surrounded by an archeological park with some attractive facilities for visitors.

8.What is the text about ?
A. The building of the temple
B. Borobudur temple
C. Archeological park
D. Archeologist

9.When was the temple built ?
A.In 8th century
B.In 9th century
C.ln 10th century
D.In 11th century

1O.Which statement is not true according to the text about?
A.The temple is located in Magelang
B.Borobudur temple is the smallest Buddisth temple
C.Borobudur is one of the seven wonder of the world
D.Borobudur has some attractive facilities for visitors

Read the text to no 11-14

Living just next to my home is the Rahmat family.There are four persons in the family. Mr.Rahmat is a retired civil servant. He had worked for the ministry of Education for twenty years.The illness forced him to stop working. Mrs.Rahmat formerly was a clerck, now she is a housewife.
They have a girl who is about my age,name Dewi. She is my good friend and classmate.The Rahmat also has a bright son called Deni. He is studying at University of Indonesia. He manage himself by giving tuition to several junior high student in the evening.
The Rahmat lives in a three bedroom house. They are a very simple family and fet on well with their neighbor. I have known them ever since they move in about six years ago. I cosnsider myself fortunate to have the Rahmat as my neighbor because they are very friendly and helpful.

11.How many children does Mr,Rahmat have? He has ….
A.Two daughter and two son
B.A daughter and son
C.Two daughters
D.Two sons

12.Why did Mr,Rahmat stop working? He stop working because ….
A.Medical reason
B.Getting tired
C.His resignation
D.His age

13.Which sentence is true accordind the text?
A.Dewi is older than the writer
B.Dewi is as ols as the writer
C.Dewi is older the Deni
D.Dewi is as old as Deni

14.”They are a very simple family” The word “They” refers to ….
A.Mr. and Mrs.Rahmat
B.Dewi and the writer
C.Dewi and Deni
D.The Rahmat family

For question 15- to 17.Complete the text using the suitable words given.

Using a fast food Restaurant Drive – through

1. Drive the menu sign
2. Open your window
3. Wait for a voice
4. Order your food when the voice ask, “What do you want”
5. Drive to the payment counter
6. Pay for the food
7. Take the food
8. Roll up your window and leave

15. What is the similar meaning of the word “order”

16.Drive to the payment counter. The underlined word means …..
A.a Place for buying something
B.a place for paying something
C.a Place for selling something
D.a place for ordering something

17.Roll up your window. The opposite meaning of the underlined word is …..
C.Get on
D.Switch off

Ji. Apel 3 Vila Bandara
Rawa Bunga Cengkareng
Jakarta Barat Indonesia
May 5, 2006
Editor of
English Teaching Forum
Washington D.C. 20547

Dear Editor,
While reading a copy of your ….. in our library recently. I became interested in the letter which had been written by English Teacher, who wanted to ask question about the language.
I am writing to ask you about the word data. I think I know what it ….. but I am not sure whether it is singular or plural. Should one say “this data” or “ ….. ?”.
Some people seem to say. “the data are interesting “. But others seem to say.” The data are interesting,” which should one say?
Your reply will be appreciated by several of us who are interested in the English Language Sincerely


18. a. letter b. book c.journal d. magazine
19. a. has b. means c. says d. does
20. a. the word data b. the language c. the library d. the letter

The text is for question no. 21- 24
A long time ago a poor man wanted to give his king a present. The only thing the man had was a simple wooden bowl. The king had never seen such a bowl before. In appreciation and thanks, he gave the man a pot of gold. In a kingdom. Now the man became rich and greedy. He said to himself,” the king give me a pot of gold for a simple wooden bowl. Imagine what he will gill me if I give him a golden chair”. So the man sold his gold and bought a golden chair. When the king got the golden chair, he said ,“ How can I repay this man? I have only one thing as precious as this chair”. Then the king gave the man the simple’simple wooden bowl.
The greedy man was speechless. He realized that he had made the biggest mistake in his life.

21. The story is about ….
a. a bowl and a golden chair
b. a poor man and his king
c. a rich man and his chair
d. a pot and its maker

22. Where did the story happen?
a. In a kingdom
b. In a rich country
c. In a poor country
d. In the poor man’s home

23. What did the man do after selling the gold?
a. He gave the money to his family
b. He bought a golden chair
c. He turned to be greed
d. He became very rich

24. He gave the man a pot of gold.( Paragraph 1, Line 2)
What does the word “ He “in the sentence above refer to?
a. a poor man
b. the king
c. the man
d. arichman

For questions no.25-27 choose the word to complete the paragraph

There was a regional track championship in my city. Almost ten sports ….25…. were competed. It was held on 10-15 August 2004. Many sportsmen and sportswomen ….26…. it. They came from the cities around. However, there was a ….27…. track club attended the championship. It was from Australia. The committee invited it in order to push our achievements better.

25. a. clubs
b. games
c. events
d. players

26. a. came
b. watched
c. struggled
d. participated

27. a. foreign
b. famous
c. favorite
d. national

28. leave — never — luggage — unattended
1 2 3 4

The correct arrangement is ….
a. 2—1—4—3
b. 2—1—3—4
c. 2—4—3—1
d. 2—4—1—3

29. everywhere — put — the dustbin — in — do not — litter — then
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
The best arrangement for the jumble words above is ….
a. 5—1—6—2—4—7—3
b. 5—1—6—2—7—4—3
c. 5—6—1—2—7—4—3
d. 5—6—2—1—7—4—3

30. Arrange the following sentences into a good paragraph
1. It interested me and attracted me to collect it
2. Since then I collected the stamps when I got a letter from my relatives
3. I began to collect stamps when I got a letter from my uncle
4. My hobby is stamp collecting
5. The stamp was very beautiful and interesting
6. I started when I was ten

a. 4—6—3—5—1—2
b. 4—5—3—6—2—1
c. 4—2—6—1—3—5
d. 4—1—2—3—5—6



Desember 11, 2007


A. Pengertian

  1. Standar penilaian pendidikan adalah standar nasional pendidikan yang berkaitan dengan mekanisme, prosedur, dan instrumen penilaian hasil belajar peserta didik.
  2. Penilaian pendidikan adalah proses pengumpulan dan pengolahan informasi untuk menentukan pencapaian hasil belajar peserta didik.
  3. Ulangan adalah proses yang dilakukan untuk mengukur pencapaian kompetensi peserta didik secara berkelanjutan dalam proses pembelajaran untuk memantau kemajuan, melakukan perbaikan pembelajaran dan menentukan keberhasilan belajar pesetrta didik.
  4. Ulangan harian adalah kegiatan yang dilakukan secara periodik untuk mengukur pencapaian kompetensi peserta didik setelah menyelesaikan satu kompetensi dasr (KD) atau lebih.
  5. Ulangan tengah semester adalah kegiatan yang dilakukan oleh pendidik untuk mengukur pencapaian kompetensi peserta didik setelah melaksanakan 8 – 9 minggu kegiatan pembelajaran. Cakupan ulangan meliputi seluruh indikator yang mereprentasikan seluiruh KD pada periode tersebut.
  6. Ulangan akhir semester adalah kegiatan yang dilakukan oleh pendidik untuk mengukur pencapaian kompetensi peserta didik diakhir semester. Cakupan ulangan meliputi seluruh indikator yang mereprentasikan semua KD pada semester tersebut.
  7. Ulangan kenaikan kelas adalah kegiatan yang dilakukan oleh pendidik diakhir semester genap untuk mengukur pencapaian kompetensi peserta didik diakhir semester genap pada satuan pendidikan yang menggunakan sistem paket. Cakupan ulangan meliputi seluruh indikator yang mereprentasikan KD pada semester tersebut.
  8. Ujian sekolah / madrasah adalah kegiatan pengukuran pencapaian kompetensi peserta didik yang dilakukan oleh satuan pendidikan untuk memperoleh pengakuan atas prestasi belajar yang merupakan salah satu persyaratan kelulusan dari satuan pendidika. Mata pelajaran yang diujikan adalah mata pelajaran kelompok mata pelajaran ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi yang tidak diujikan dalam ujian nasional dan aspek kognitif dan / atau psikomotorik kelompok mata pelajaran agama dan akhlak mualai serta kelompok mata pelajaran kewarganegaraan dan kepribadian yang akan diatur dalam POS ujian sekolah / madrasah.
  9. Ujian nasional yang selanjutnya disebut UN adalah kegiatan pengukuran pencapaian kompetensi peserta didik pada beberapa mata pelajaran tertentu dalam kelompok mata pelajaran ilmu pengetahuan dan teknologi dalam rangka menilai pencapaian Standar Nasional Pendidikan.
  10. Kriteria ketuntasan minimal ( KKM ) adalah kriteria ketuntasan belajar ( KKB ) yang ditentukan oleh satuan pendidikan. KKM


Desember 10, 2007







Menimbang    :    bahwa dalam rangka mengendalikan mutu hasil pendidikan sesuai                                        standar nasional pendidikan, perlu menetapkan Standar Penilaian                                        pendidikan  dengan peraturan Menteri Pendidikan Nasional;

Mengingat      :    1.    Peraturan Pemerintah Nomopr 19 tahun 2005 tenteng Standar Nasional Pendidikan ( Lembaran Negara Republik Indonesia tahun 2005 nomor 41, tambahan Lembaran Negara Republik Indonesia Nomor 4496.



Desember 10, 2007